Flavored Salt Rim: The Margarita’s Finishing Touch

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The star of a great margarita isn’t fussy preparation; it’s the tang of fresh citrus and the delicious lick of a salt rim. To keep your recipe fresh, try coating the lip of the glass with flavored salts in place of the regular kind. It adds a twist to each sip, whether you’re craving spice, citrus or herbal flavors.

Sure, you find these blends at specialty grocery stores, but they’re just as easy to make at home. Pulse grated lime and lemon zest in a blender with kosher or sea salt for an added citrus pop. Combine equal parts salt and roasted, grated Szechuan peppers for a bit of lingering heat. Or, if you prefer fresh herbs, toss the salt with your favorite leaves. Whichever garnishes you choose, remember the 3-1-1-1 ratio for margaritas: Two parts tequila to one part each lime juice and triple sec, plus one whole day to enjoy the drinks.

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