Introducing the Inaugural Issue of Who’s Hungry? Digital Magazine

Those readers who follow Steve on Facebook and Twitter might know that he’s been dropping hints over the past few weeks about a big new project that’s in the works. After months of planning, it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag: In mid-April, Stephen Hamilton will launch the first issue of a digital Who’s Hungry? Magazine.

It’s a natural extension for Steve, and a project he’s hoped to create for years. The online magazine will combine the best parts of a print publication—beautiful photography, in-depth stories, fantastic layouts—with the benefits of an online platform. The stories will be interactive, meaning readers can click to see additional video, links, and information.

Editorially, the magazine will bridge the worlds of food and photography with recipes, travel writing, and behind-the-scenes information about styling. Writers include Steve Dolinsky, Janet Fuller, Judith Mara, and Kate Bernot, with new food and landscape photography by Stephen. It represents the full spectrum of a food-focused life, from home cooking and restaurants to vineyards and farmer’s markets.

Until the magazine is published in mid-April, you can follow the magazine’s progress on Facebook and Twitter. The excitement in the studio is contagious, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating this amazing new project.

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